Border Terrier Club of America Main Page Slide Show

Monthly/Bi-monthly Slide Show

As you may have noticed, we try and change the slide show on the main page of the BTCA Web Site on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

We can only do this if you support us by submitting photographs for us to choose from.

This year our overriding theme wil be "The Versatile Border Terrier", we will again try and set out the monthly themes in advance to give you chance to start digging out or snapping those precious shots.

Photos should be a minimum of 72 dpi and as large as possible.

Unless otherwise specified, photos must be submitted by BTCA members and should not include people but we will be happy to do whatever cropping we feel is necessary

Proposed monthly themes are listed below, please submit at least two weeks ahead of time whenever possible. Send photos to Pam Dyer with the month or theme in the subject line.

Venerable Veteran Birthday Slide Show

We will, of course, be happy to interrupt the regular slide shows with Venerable Veteran Birthday shows. If you have a Border who will be fifteen or more years old, we would love to honour him or her with a slide show on their birthday.

Please submit your selection of photos (the more the merrier), along with your dog's birth date, registered name, call name and your name(s) to Pam Dyer.

We love to have a slide show that spans the many years you have shared with your buddy but understand that may not be feasible.

Please put Venerable Veterans birthday in the subject line. If you would like the photos in a particular order, please number them accordingly.

People may be present in venerable veterans birthday photos.

Monthly/Bi-monthly Themes

  • January/February 2017 - Obedience and Rally Heeling, retrieving, those funky rally moves, even the long sits and downs - all submissions welcome.
  • March/April 2017 - Earthdog and Barn Hunt Favourite activities for many Borders and while earthdog may offer fewer photo ops, the good ones are worth sharing.
  • May/June 2017 - National Specialty We hope to present many magic memories from the " Borders in Paradise" extravaganza in Brooksville, Florida
  • July/August 2017 - Agility and Coursing Two events just made for those who love action shots, might have to set aside the iPhone in favour of "the real deal" for these pics
  • September/October 2017 - Tracking and Nosework Slowing the pace down a bit but these activities require some imaginative camera work to do them justice.
  • November/December 2017 - Parade of Veterans Our bi-annual tribute to the oldies, show us your ten plus year old veterans taking it easy or living it up.