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All about Border Terriers

AKC Breed Standard

The Official AKC Standard of the Border Terrier Since the Border Terrier is a working terrier of a size to go to ground and able, within reason, to follow a horse, his conformation should [...]


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Breeder Directory

Online Directory Bringing a Border Terrier into your home is a long term commitment – do your homework, then contact Border Terrier breeders and owners who can help you decide if it is the [...]

BTCA Rescue

Library for Prospective Owners About the Border Terrier Recognizing A Border Terrier North American Border Terrier Welfare (NABTW) Canadian Border Terrier Welfare (CBTW) Border Terrier Welfare Rescue is all of us pulling [...]


Borders are not a high maintenance breed but they do need more grooming than some books on choosing a dog indicate. The bare necessities are clipping nails, checking and cleaning teeth, and keeping the [...]

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