Borderline Newsletter

The BTCA Borderline Newsletter celebrates Border Terrier activities in breeding, showing, Earthdog, Barn Hunt and many other areas of Border Terrier performance. From show and performance results, to articles of interest, reports from local Border Terrier clubs on their activities, and ads from owners and breeders presenting proud Border Terrier moments, The Borderline serves as a newsletter of the past year and showcases the future plans of Border Terrier breeders, performance junkies and companion owners.

The BTCA Borderline Newsletter is an official publication of the Border Terrier Club of America and is open to content from members and non-members alike, and available to anyone who wishes to purchase it.

We welcome your ads, articles, club pages and candid photos. For more information, download the Specification Sheet for advertisement requirements or contact the Editor for other content submission.

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SUBMISSION DEADLINES: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st. Guidelines for Submissions are printed in the back of The Borderline.

NON-MEMBER SUBSCRIPTIONS: $35 for US bulk rate; $50 for US first Class $55 for Canada; $80 for Europe; $85 for Australia
ANNUAL FIRST CLASS POSTAGE SUPPLEMENT: Domestic: $15.00; Canada: $25.00; International: $50.00; Australia: $85.00