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Border Terrier Club of America On Line Directory

Bringing a Border Terrier into your home is a long term commitment โ€“ do your homework, then contact Border Terrier breeders and owners who can help you decide if it is the right commitment for you.

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Do your homework, and prepare a list of questions2023-03-27T23:25:31-04:00

Adding a dog to your family is an exciting prospect โ€“ as we learn about a breed that seems to be โ€œjust perfect for us,โ€ it is natural to want to speed things along. That said, it is really important to take the time to research the breed, and to consider the pros and cons of living with the dog for 10-15 years.

BTCA breeders often receive calls that begin with, โ€œIโ€™ve been researching the breed and feel the Border Terrier is perfect for our family. Do you have any puppies available now?โ€ As the conversation continues, breeders will ask if the prospective puppy-owner has consulted the Border Terrier in Brief, if they feel they will be able to manage hand-stripping, and if there are small house pets in their home. Border Terrier breeders and owners are happy to help others learn about our breed, but we do appreciate it when prospective owners have really done their homework and understand why we also have questions to ask of you.

If you are interested in Border Terriers, please go through the definitive literature about Border Terriers published by our club and provided right here on our site.

Breeder Listing2023-03-27T22:56:51-04:00

This is a listing of BTCA members, including breeders, who are willing to be contacted by those seeking more information on the breed. It is not a complete membership list.

IMPORTANT!โ€“The anticipation of a new puppy can understandably create a sense of urgency to try to locate a litter โ€“ the following simple steps may help you make an informed decision

  • RESEARCH the breed before contacting breeders
  • Read the BTCA ETHICAL STANDARD so you know what to look for in a breeder
  • MEET some adult Border Terriers and their owners (not just breeders) before committing to a puppy. All puppies are cute.
  • Go to the Canine Health Information (CHIC) site to check out Border Terrier health clearances

All of the members listed below have signed that they agree to abide by the guidelines set out in the BTCA Ethical Standard, however, it is your responsibility to evaluate any information they supply. A listing in this directory is in no way an endorsement of the breeder or individual. Some members listed may not be actively breeding. Those who are willing to discuss the breed and provide information are listed below as โ€œBreeder Services-Provide Information.โ€

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