The Awards Offered by BTCA Members

Hair-Bear Award (For Jrs.)

Laura and Harriet for the Hair Bear Award

Laura and Harriet

In Loving Memory of Ch. Bandersnatch Harriet Vane CD JE OAJ CGC V. Offered by Cindy and Laura Sherman, Marg and Amanda Pough, and Kerry Boisvert.

This award is to recognize a junior with the special bond with their dog. What is this bond, and how do we describe it?

Harriet (Hair-Bear) lived with Marg, but Laura was her person. Laura started training Harriet for Juniors through our 4-H classes. Harriet bonded to Laura very quickly. Laura and her brother are two of Marg’s puppy socializers, so Laura was often over at the house when there were pups. Anytime Laura came to visit, Harriet would get super excited. Laura always had to take her out by herself, for training, a walk, or even just a car ride. Of course, Laura came and collected Harriet for 4-H classes, for training, for AKC shows, and finally for their great love… AGILITY! Yes, Cindy was OK, Marg was OK, Kerry was OK, but Laura was SUPER! Laura could never leave Harriet alone at a dog show for more than a millisecond and whenever Harriet saw Laura, it was as if they had been separated for years.

The best way to describe their bond is that when Marg goes to cross the Rainbow Bridge, there will be a pack of Bandersnatch dogs waiting for her. Harriet will be glad to see her, but she will not cross. She will wait for Laura.


  • Open to BTCA Junior members (9 through 17 yrs.) We do not anticipate that this will be awarded each year. A Junior may win it once.
  • The Junior must be currently exhibiting with their Border. This can be in any capacity, including 4-H, Junior Handling, obedience, agility, tracking, earthdog, etc.
  • The Junior must be nominated by a mentor or teacher (not a family member) who knows both the child and the dog.
  • Nomination must state in 250 words or less why the nominator thinks the junior should get this award.
  • Qualified nominees will then be invited to submit an essay that covers some basic questions. Younger juniors (ages 9 – 12) should answer the questions, in lieu of an essay. A picture of the Junior and Border is optional.
  • Nominations should be received at least three months prior to the BTCA National Specialty; answers and essays should be received two months before the specialty.

Award Recipient

  • Receives a $50.00 savings bond and a hand-made 4-foot braided leather leash, which is a tangible representation of the special connection between the Junior and his/her dog.
  • Will have their name engraved on a plaque which will be displayed each year at the BTCA National Specialty.
  • Will be announced each year at the BTCA National Specialty Awards Banquet.

Nominations should be sent to: Amanda Pough, 34 Michigan Hollow Road, Spencer NY 14883 | Email

Lucy Award

In Loving Memory of Lucy, Ch. Krispin-Otley’s Ambrosia CGC. Offered by D’Arcy and Robert Vollbracht.

This award is to recognize the person or Border Terrier that embodies the good character, mentoring abilities, courageousness, and generosity exhibited by Lucy throughout her life.

What are those qualities and how do we describe them?
After Lucy earned her CGC, she began traveling to nursing homes, pre-schools, and day treatment programs as a therapy dog. She seemed to have a gift that enabled her to comfort and relax those around her. Determined, kind, patient, and funny, Lucy possessed qualities desirable in both dogs and humans. She was the rock of stability, generosity, and courageousness in her corner of the world, and she served as a glowing ambassador of the Border Terrier breed to everyone she met.


  • Dog shall be Border Terrier in breed type, although rescue dogs or hunting / pack dogs w/o registration papers are eligible provided they are clearly Border Terrier in type.
  • Humans shall be members in good standing with the Border Terrier Club of America.
  • Nominee must have enriched the life or lives of others, or because of outstanding acts, training, contributions, or courageousness have bettered the world.
  • The ability to inspire others, whether it is by being selfless, by mentoring others, making significant contributions of time to support programs, projects, or activities that improve the community, or by spreading love and hope to those facing adversity, is the character and qualities the Lucy Award is meant to honor.
  • Nomination must state in essay form (750 words or less) why the nominator thinks the nominee should receive the award.
  • One clear photograph of the nominated person or dog must accompany the nomination, and nominations must be received at least two months prior to the BTCA National Specialty.

Award Recipient

  • Receives the Lucy Award Certificate Plaque and the Lucy Award pin.
  • Winners will be announced each year at the BTCA National Specialty Awards Dinner.

Nominations should be sent to: D’Arcy Downs-Vollbracht, 5373 US Hwy. 68, Ste. D 277, Golden Valley, AZ 86413

More Information on Lucy and the Award can be found in the BTCA Policy and Procedures Manual.

Eddie Award (Obedience/Rally)

Eddie Award GraphicAnyone who has done obedience with a border terrier knows that a sense of humor is a necessary approach to the sport. The variations that a border terrier can work into a simple obedience or rally exercise can bring you to tears. The only sensible response is laughter. This award is offered annually at the BTCA National Specialty for the most creative and humorous non-qualifying performance of the past year. It was introduced years ago by Laurale Stern in honor of the work of her border terrier, Ch Luvemur’s First Edition UD CG CGC TDI, “Eddie” known for his creative efforts in the obedience ring. It is open to any member of the BTCA doing obedience or rally obedience with a border terrier

To apply for this award, write your story in 500 words or less and send it to the Eddie Award Committee (see address below).eddiepaw Submissions much be sent no later than 2 months before the next specialty. Please include with your story, your name, your dog’s name, your address and a photo of your dog. The winning entry will be printed in the BORDERLINE and the dog’s owner will receive a handsome certificate signed with Eddie’s pawprint to make up for the AKC one you probably lost because your dog really wanted to earn the coveted Eddie Award instead. You need not be present at Specialty if you are selected for this award, though you might want to attend to receive the congratulations and commiseration of others doing obedience with Borders.

The Eddie Committee
Laurale Stern, Chairman
832 Lincoln Blvd.
Manitowoc, WI 54220
(920) 683-3966


Eddie, (CH.LUVEMURS FIRST EDITION,UD,CG,CGC,TT), passed away on October 2, 1998, after 15 1/2 wonderful years. His tremendous accomplishments in the obedience ring (Dog World Award at the Utility level) and his great sense of humor and creativity doing the exercises, were the inspiration behind this fun award. His motto: Variety is the spice of life!, and he proved that in the ring!! There was never a dull moment in the ring with Eddie! He is greatly missed by his family every day. Laurale Stern

Harry Award (Agility)

Towzie Tyke Harris Tweed AX AXJ ME CG FMX RN CGCDog Agility allows a Border Terrier to demonstrate his speed, dexterity, agility, and, unfortunately for many, his clownish streak. Harry was fast, dexterous, agile, and had a HUGE clownish streak. People would make a point to watch Harry to see what he would be up to next.

The Creative Dog Agility Award (Harry Award) is an award given to the most creative agility run, done by a Border Terrier, and submitted in that year. It does not have to be done that year. A creative agility run does not have to be qualifying or non-qualifying, but it must be amusing. It must be done when the dog is (or is supposed to be) running a “real” run. The run can be at a trial (preferred), a match, or even in practice if in the handler and dog’s minds they are doing a real run rather than an exercise. It is not an incident that happens to the dog, but something that the dog decides to do or react to on its own. All stories must be submitted to the committee in some way and each year one will be chosen to win the award.

The award will be announced each year at the BTCA National Specialty Awards Banquet.

The Harry Committee
Donna Sapp, Chairman
1504 Jupp Rd
Glen Burnie, MD 21060 or

Harry’s, (Towzie Tyke Harris Tweed AX AXJ ME CG FMX RN CGC), love of life and perpetually cheerful personality caused people to smile just to see him in action. He excelled in the Border Terrier’s characteristic independent thinking and food obsession.