Tracking Dog Excellent Titles (includes Champion Tracker "CT" Titles)

(Dog's name is linked to photo where available)


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Year Dog's Name Sex DoB Owner Breeder Sire Dam
2015 Elwha's Get 'Er Dug BN RN TDX OA OAJ NF JE M 04/08/2011 Ann Newsted Elizabeth Williams & Charlotte Metzler CH Sunkist Special Brew CD RA AX AXJ ME Elwha's Bare Naked Lady JE CGC
2014 Sunkist Sharriets O'Fyre RN TDX SE CA CGC F 01/08/2013 Laurits Dixon Harriet Haydon CH Fanfare Hues Of Blue CH Rowan Sunkist Says Who? RA ME CA
2014 CH CT Terra's Briar Rose RN TDX AX AXJ ME F 06/27/2004 Kathy Echols Linda Wischover & Jennifer M Riess CH Standish's Tequila Sunrise CD NA JE CH Terra Bout At Dellhaven VCD1 RN AXP AJP SE
2013 CT Sunkist Some Days Are Diamonds RA MX MXJ MJB ME TDX F 09/12/2003 Patrick Thomson & Diane Thomson Harriet Haydon & Meg Ikard CH Sunkist Skedaddle ME CH Bever Lea All Spruced Up CD RA AX AXJ ME
2012 CH Rooksgate Waymark To Aldergate CD RAE TDX JE F 03/29/2007 Susanne Babcock Charles Peil Wooly Bully Bank On Otis ME Saga Hill Magnum Express
2011 Dos Rios Cecil TDX M 01/15/2009 Michele Mauldin unknown unknown unknown
2011 CH Sunkist Shortstop TDX AX AXJ M 04/05/2006 Robert Sevier D.V.M. & Barbara Sevier Harriet Haydon & Meg Ikard CH MACH Sunkist A Boy Named Sue RA NF ME CH Wooly Bully's Election Miss ME
2010 CT Fanfare Just Eat My Dust TDX SE M 06/27/2009 Pattie Dawn Moon Shelby Lynn Russell Otleys Blakeney CH Fanfare Fennel
2007 CH MACH Behm Trademark VCD2 RE TDX AXP AJP ME M 08/29/1994 Anita J Moran & Pattie Dawn Moon Anita J Moran & Donna Wagle CH Todfield True Colors CH Behm Icebreaker
2007 McLeod's Tribute To Alyce RN TDX NA NAJ F 06/26/2001 Catherine A Daniels Catherine A Daniels CH Luvemurs What's Up Doc Silvercreeks Ms Matilda RN OA OAJ JE
2007 CH Todfield Bryson's Jady TDX VCD3 RAE MXP MJP NFP ME F 01/28/2000 Leander H Harral & Olga C Harral Judith K Davis CH Tenpenny Todfield Trademark Todfield Bryson Woods
2005 MACH CT Josanah's Tin Lizzie VCD4 UDX TDX F 04/02/2000 Sue Young Debra J Donnelly CH Kandu's Mighty Dogg CDX AX MXJ CH Katelynn's Capri Of Josanah NAJ OA
2005 CH CT Terra's Larkspur Kip VCD1 RN TDX MX MXJ XF ME M 07/04/2000 Kathy R Echols Linda Wischover CH Ketka's American All Star Ketka's Teasel VCD1 NJP JE
2003 Danby's Wycombe Tillar VCD3 RE TDX OAP OJP ME M 05/15/1999 Dorothy A Tice Daniel Ward & Leslie Ward CH Tyneside Tempest CDX RN OAP OJP JE Tyneside Tantivy NA JE
2002 CH Maury's Royal Oaks Lassie VCD2 UDX TDX AX F 09/22/1989 Jeannie Dennard Eric R Dahlstrom & Ardith Dahlstrom Royal Oaks Wizard Of Foxley CH Foxridge Storm Warning CD
2002 CH MACH Thistledown Starry Night VCD2 RA TDX OAP AJP OFP M 01/18/1999 Jean M Schafer Bonnie L Peralez & Sandra D Tool CH MACH3 Freilance Shooting Star JE CH Glenlair Thistledown Rose CD JE
2001 CH Danby's Tyneside Haleigh TDX JE F 05/17/1998 Steve Alley & Linda Alley Leslie Ward & Daniel Ward CH Tyneside Tempest CDX RN OAP OJP JE Tyneside Tantivy NA JE
1995 Cotswold Wutizzi Babas UD TDX M 07/22/1986 Ellen Babas Ruth Morgan/Eunice Morgan CH Seabrook Spriggan Cotswold Spitfire
1995 CH Hideaways Ocimum Basilicum TDX M 11/22/1993 Leslie Sprando Lynn Looper CH Hollybridge Raffles UDT AX JE CH Steephollow Wood Nymph
1993 CH Circle B's Sockdolager TDX JE F 12/25/1990 Susane Bermane Susane Berman & Kendall Herr CH Todfiled's Trafalger Square CH Dickendall's Heartstopper TDX
1993 Greenbriar Galadriel TDX F 06/05/1985 Olive Hobbs Gizella Szilagyi CH Seabrook Spriggan CH Greenbriar's Blue Denim CD
1987 Dickendall's Heartstopper TDX F 06/18/1984 Susane Berman & Kendall Herr Kendall Herr CH Polydorus Pookoo CH Dickendall's Heartbreaker
1985 CH Dickendall's Microchip CDX TDX F 07/21/1983 Susane Berman Kendall Herr CH Oldstone Ragrug CH Jollymuff Crispy Critter


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