This is a listing of BTCA members, including breeders, who are willing to be contacted by those seeking more information on the breed. It is not a complete membership list.

IMPORTANT!–The anticipation of a new puppy can understandably create a sense of urgency to try to locate a litter – the following simple steps may help you make an informed decision

  • RESEARCH the breed before contacting breeders
  • Read the BTCA ETHICAL STANDARD so you know what to look for in a breeder
  • MEET some adult Border Terriers and their owners (not just breeders) before committing to a puppy. All puppies are cute.
  • Go to the Canine Health Information (CHIC) site to check out Border Terrier health clearances

All of the members listed below have signed that they agree to abide by the guidelines set out in the BTCA Ethical Standard, however, it is your responsibility to evaluate any information they supply. A listing in this directory is in no way an endorsement of the breeder or individual. Some members listed may not be actively breeding. Those who are willing to discuss the breed and provide information are listed below as “Breeder Services-Provide Information.”