Border Terrier breeders should supply a contract with each puppy or dog sold. The contract should state whether the puppy is being sold as a pet with a limited registration or as a show puppy, with any requirements pertaining to the new owner’s show responsibilities outlined therein. A new puppy owner should read the contract fully to know what they can expect of the breeder and what is required of them as the new owner. You should not enter into a contract with which you are uncomfortable. The following is excerpted from the B.T.C.A. Ethical Standards.

The breeder shall provide the following to a new buyer at the time of sale:

  • AKC registration or other registration forms.
  • If registration papers are to be withheld, a written contract with specific details.
  • A spay/neuter agreement and/or AKC limited registration for those dogs not suitable for breeding and those sold as pets.
  • A three generation pedigree.
  • A complete medical history, for pups or adults.
  • Written instructions on feeding, health care, training and grooming.

The BTCA recommends any transfer of ownership of a Border Terrier be accompanied by a written agreement as protection for both the breeder and the new owner. By outlining what is expected of each party, such a contract should help prevent future misunderstandings.

Responsible breeders include in the written agreement a clause that any time the owner cannot keep the dog, the dog is to be returned to the breeder or placed or sold with the breeder’s approval of the new owner.