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Our main page rotating slide shows reflect the diversity of our breed, featuring Borders of all ages,
in many activities and throughout the seasons.

You can also check out our other slides shows under the "Gallery" drop down menu or via the Gallery Page

BTCA Specialty Slide Shows (where available) may be accessed via the Specialty Results Page

Venerable Veteran Birthday Slide Show

We will, of course, be happy to interrupt the regular slide shows with Venerable Veteran Birthday shows. If you are a BTCA Member and have a Border who will be fifteen or more years old, we would love to honour him or her with a slide show on their birthday.

Please submit your selection of photos (the more the merrier), along with your dog's birth date, registered name, call name and your name(s) to Pam Dyer at least two weeks ahead of time.

We love to have a slide show that spans the many years you have shared with your buddy but understand that may not be feasible.

Please put Venerable Veterans birthday in the subject line. If you would like the photos in a particular order, please number them accordingly.

People may be present in venerable veterans birthday photos.

Photos should be a minimum of 72 dpi and as large as possible.

Bi Annual Bridge Buddies Slide Show

November 2018 - Bridge Buddies Honoring the Borders that have left us since October 31, 2016.

Please submit a photo (a minimum of 72 dpi and as large as possible.) along with their registered name (optional), call name, date of birth and death, owner's name and a single sentence tribute to Pam Dyer,

People may be present in these photos. Owners do not need to be BTCA members.