Regional Clubs–Bringing Borders to You!

There is no better way to meet Border Terriers, owners and BTCA breeders than by attending an event held by one of our active, friendly regional clubs. New clubs are being organized with increased frequency, making this possible for more and more prospective owners around the country.

The wonderful, year-round activities hosted and staged by these localized groups of Border Lovers include:

  • Fun Days
  • Go-to-Ground practices and Earthdog trials
  • Grooming workshops
  • “Meet the Breed” booths and events
  • Agility trials
  • Performance and conformation matches
  • Training workshops and seminars

The list of creative ways for owners to enjoy their Borders, and future owners to be educated by experiencing “the real Border Terrier” keeps growing, thanks to the enthusiastic members and dedicated volunteers of our regional clubs.

By making contact with the representative of your nearest club, you can learn all about their upcoming activities:

*Dates and times
*location and directions
*accommodations in the case of an overnight trip
*what to wear and bring
*what you may expect at the events

Most find when doing so, they have a new and welcoming friend to orient them and introduce them around when they arrive!

Northeast Border Terrier Club

Northeast Border Terrier Club

The NBTC was founded in the early 1980s, and now has a membership of approximately 140. We support the entries of at several shows each year with trophies. (BTCA is supporting the entry of the shows officially). We support our members who do obedience, agility, and earthdog events, and also host an AKC Earthdog Test in June.

We also realize that not all BTCA owners show their dogs and we value our members who simply love the breed and have their Border for companionship as a member of their family.  Our newsletter is sent out regularly to all members. The Border Times contains interesting articles, notices of upcoming activities and relates past events.

Email: Holly Woodward
Rescue Contact: Carlie Krolick

Border Terrier Club of Central Ohio logo

Border Terrier Club of Central Ohio

The Border Terrier Club of Central Ohio (BTCCO) was established in 1993 by several Border Terrier fanciers in Central Ohio for the purpose of holding the 1996 BTCA National Specialty. Our membership has changed and grown over the years and we currently have more than 40 members who live in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Kentucky. In addition to hosting a second BTCA National Specialty in 2006, we actively support local conformation shows, earthdog tests and agility trials and we are active in regional BT rescue. Our fun days have included AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International testing, as well as good food and fellowship.

Email: Tracy Van Niel
Rescue Contact: Heather Brown

Border Terrier Club of Oregon

The Border Terrier Club of Oregon

We are a fun and welcoming social group who support one another in the sport of purebred dogs. Our common interest is to promote the health, welfare and versatility of our breed. We are a group of diverse talent and personalities who share the love of our Border Terriers. We have a great deal of camaraderie even though we come from different backgrounds and have varying interests, be it conformation, working or performance events. We celebrate all that is Border Terrier!

Email: Linda Grace
Rescue Contact: Casey De Priest

Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods logo

Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods

The Border Terrier Club of the Redwoods is dedicated to the welfare of the Border Terrier. The club was started in 1989 by a small group of dedicated BT owners and breeders who shared the common goals of ethics, improvement, fun, and above all, protection of the breed. Currently 100+ members strong, with members residing primarily in Northern California, the club sponsors many events, including conformation, earthdog, agility, play days, seminars and club dinners.

Email: Rhonda Martins
Rescue Contact: Rhonda Martins

Border Terrier Club of Southern California logo
Border Terrier Club of Southern California

Formed over 20 years ago (then known as Border Terrier Fanciers of the West), the Border Terrier Club of Southern California is a large, active club with a history of balancing the needs of the breeder and conformation enthusiast, with those of performance and pet owners. The current clubs membership covers much of southern California, as well as Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Email: Star Ott
Rescue Contact: Sue Friley

International Clubs

Border Terrier Canada

Border Terrier Canada

Established in 2004. For more information please view their website at

Email: Shawna Froese
Rescue Contact: Pam Dyer

Border Terrier Club of Ontario

Border Terrier Club of Ontario

The Border Terrier Club of Ontario is a non-profit organization located in Ontario Canada, that has been in existence since 1996 and has endeavoured to touch the many facets of the dog world, hopefully fulfilling the expectations of our membership as a whole.


  • Border Terrier Specialty conformation shows – every year since 2000
  • One or more Booster Conformation shows annually
  • Hosting of CKC Earthdog Trials and Training Days
  • Annual Fun Day with a chance to try beginners level rally, agility, go to ground (earthdog), barn hunt, and other activities such as pond swim, weiner dunk and more… (free for members)
  • Annual hands-on grooming education day (free for members)
  • Seminars (based on interest) on subjects such as scent detection, border terrier health issues, etc.

Email: Barbara Jovanovic