The Border Terrier Club of America Health and Scholarship Foundation is pleased to offer AKC Reunite Prepaid Enrollment Microchips for sale at a substantial cost savings to members. The cost is $15 per chip plus a $10 S/H fee.  This club rate is substantially less expensive than if you were to purchase individual chips from AKC Reunite. For example, the exact same chip individually purchased from AKC Reunite costs $32.95, not including shipping. A pack of five (5) chips from AKC Reunite is $20 per chip, not including shipping while the chips you purchase from the Foundation are always less expensive at $15 per chip and you do not need to order a minimum number. We are thankful to AKC Reunite for providing this opportunity to us as it is a direct benefit to BTCA members and serves as an ongoing fundraiser for the Foundation.

All chips are scanned prior to being shipped to ensure accuracy. A master list of chips sold is kept in the event the contacts you enroll to the chip are not available. When contacted, Reunite will aways contact the purchaser of the original chips in another effort to track down the owner or breeder. The parent club health committee has a list that indicates for example, Jane Doe purchased three chips – with the chip numbers. We won’t necessarily know which dog she used it on, but we can always try to locate Jane Doe using club records which occasionally are updated more often than contacts enrolled to microchips. It is an additional layer of assistance and a benefit to members. In addition, the Foundation receives a small donation from your chip purchase.

Once you receive your chips, the numbers can be reflected on the individual AKC registration for each puppy. In addition, we recommend you make sure that each chip is registered to the new owner, and list yourself as a secondary contact. You can also contact Reunite and request your information is automatically set to default to be the secondary (or primary if you desire) contact and / or your information may never be removed by the owner without your consent. This is customizable for each breeder depending on how you choose to enroll.

Margaret Henning, 20572 N Margaret Ave, Prairie View, IL 60069 is the point of contact for this opportunity.  To order chips, please send two checks to Margaret Henning. The first check is for the chips and should be made out to the Border Terrier H&S Foundation. The second check is for the shipping and handling cost per order (not per chip) and it should be made out to Margaret Henning in the amount of $10.00. Margaret will send your chips to you.