The Border Terrier in Brief

BTIB Cover

The Border Terrier Club of America (BTCA) has developed this booklet to help you decide if a Border Terrier (BT) is the right dog for you. No dog is the perfect dog, and all breeds have special characteristics and needs. We think the Border Terrier is the best kind of canine companion and friend, but we know that terrier manners and Border traits are not for everyone. Because of our concern for our little brown friends, we believe it is important that you are well informed about the breed before choosing a Border for yourself and your family. A Border can live successfully in a variety of situations but, unless you are willing and able to provide for his special needs, you will both be unhappy.

Border breeders and owners, like their dogs, are usually friendly. We want you to enjoy your Border, should you choose one. Many breeders suggest you visit a home where there are Borders before you decide. Whether your interest in Borders includes showing in conformation or obedience or having one as a family pet, we feel it is important that you understand what makes a Border a Border. Then, if you decide to own one, you will treasure him for what the breed still is and help us keep him that way.