Information About Border Terriers For Prospective or Current Owners

  • Research Page

    Thinking of adding a Border Terrier to your family? Here is the information you need.

  • BTCA Contacts Page

    Need More Information? Have a Border Terrier, but running into problems? Want to join the club? See if we can help.

  • BTCA Breeders Directory

    Looking for a Border Terrier local to you? Here is a list of Border Terrier Breeders and Owners who can help with your search. All are BTCA members who have promised to abide by the BTCA Ethical Standard.

  • Border Terrier Rescue

    Unfortunately, sometimes a Border Terrier can't stay in their original home, usually through no fault of their own. Border Terrier Rescue helps these dogs find a forever home.

  • The BTCA Store

    The BTCA store has a number of great items for Border Terriers and their people.

  • External Border Terrier Links

    This site covers a lot, but no one site can have everything. Go to the Links page for external links useful for Border Terriers and their owners.