Research Guide For Prospective Owners

BT for life

Bringing a Border Terrier into your home is a long term commitment - do your homework, then contact Border Terrier breeders and owners who can help you decide if it is the right commitment for you.

  1. Do your homework, and prepare a list of questions

    Adding a dog to your family is an exciting prospect - as we learn about a breed that seems to be "just perfect for us," it is natural to want to speed things along. That said, it is really important to take the time to research the breed, and to consider the pros and cons of living with the dog for 10-15 years. BTCA breeders often receive calls that begin with, "I've been researching the breed and feel the Border Terrier is perfect for our family. Do you have any puppies available now?" As the conversation continues, breeders will ask if the prospective puppy-owner has consulted the Border Terrier in Brief, if they feel they will be able to manage hand-stripping, and if there are small housepets in their home. Border Terrier breeders and owners are happy to help others learn about our breed, but we do appreciate it when prospective owners have really done their homework and understand why we also have questions to ask of you. If you are interested in Border Terriers, please go through the definitive literature about Border Terriers published by our club and provided right here on our site.

  2. Breed-specific research - Start here (BTCA on-site research list + mail options)

    There are pros and cons associated with any choice of breed, and our On-site Research List will lead you to our most educational pages. You will learn about some important aspects of Border Terrier ownership that require special consideration, and may be missed or glossed over by authors who are not as familiar or experienced with the breed.

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    Request The Border Terrier in Brief by mail

  3. General info - may we suggest... (offsite)

    If this is your first time buying a purebred dog from a breeder, or if you have not done so for several years, you will find some very useful information within our Off-site Research List. The American Kennel Club's outstanding advice on breed selection, finding a quality breeder, and responsible dog ownership will help prepare you for the expectations of the reputable breeders of the purebred world, a happier dog, and a more rewarding ownership experience.

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  4. Contact the "experts"

    Once you've done your homework, read the essential publications, and thought of questions you would like to ask about life with Border Terriers, and have an idea of what sort of questions you can expect to be asked by folks who currently own Border Terriers, you are ready to use the BTCA ON-LINE BREEDER DIRECTORY to locate resources in your area. You can use these contacts to continue your research through discussion and personal visits. In addition to meeting Border Terrier people one-on-one, you may be encouraged to attend dog shows or performance events where you will have an opportunity to meet several Border Terriers and their people.