• The Border Terrier in Brief is a well written little booklet which details the charms and challenges of our beloved breed in a nutshell. Definitely required reading for potential owners. The Border Terrier in Brief is the same information that appears on our web site under Border Terrier In Brief but in a handy, printed format - a perfect handout for potential owners or puppy buyers along with the BTCA Grooming Guide, and the BTCA Ethical Standard. Border Terrier in Brief 1-4 copies $5.00 each; Additional copies, postage to the US and Canada included: BTCA members: $2.00 each, non-members: $3.00 each
  • This is an annual, mailed subscription of The Borderline, the official publication of the Border Terrier Club of America.
    • There are four (4) publications of The Borderline per year.
    • The subscription period is January 1st through December 31st.
    • Borderline subscriptions purchased mid-year are not pro-rated.
  • This is the current issue of the Borderline, the official publication of the Border Terrier Club of America.
  • Borderline Advertisements

    We welcome your ads, articles, club pages and candid photos. For more information, PDF Symbol download the Specification Sheet for advertisement requirements or contact the Editor for other content submission. SUBMISSION DEADLINES: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st Commercial advertising is defined as those ads that sell a product or service. Display Advertising is defined as ads that either showcase a kennel, dog, or breeder. Non-members may not place any stud service, puppy sale or any type of display ads relating to those services. U.S. and Foreign Border Terrier Clubs will be charged at member rates. All funds must be US currency.
  • Together with the Breed Books, this beautifully detailed publication has a place in every Border Terrier home - at only $10 it is a worthwhile investment.
  • This 4-1/2 inch white magnet with black lettering will look great on your car. Only $7.50 including shipping
  • For a touch of BTCA class to that hat, jacket or tie, these beautiful pins are ideal. Companion Border Terrier owners can wear them anywhere, exhibitors must remove them before entering the ring. Only $7.50 each
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