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Whether you are looking for a unique gift, an item to reflect your membership in the club, information on the dogs in your Border's pedigree or educational material to give to your puppy owners or potential owners we hope you will find it here in our very own Border Store, Come on in and browse a while.

BTCA Store"we shopped 'til we dropped"

BTCA Logo Magnets

This 4-1/2 inch white magnet with black lettering will look great on your car. Only $7.50 including shipping

BTCA decal

BTCA Logo Pins

For a touch of BTCA class to that hat, jacket or tie, these beautiful pins are ideal. Companion Border Terrier owners can wear them anywhere, exhibitors must remove them before entering the ring. Only $7.50 each

BTCA pin

BTCA Breed Books

No breeder or connoisseur of the breed should be without a set of these on their bookshelves.
The BTCA Breed Books are a veritable "Who's Who" of the Border Terrier in North America, providing information on title earners going all the way back to 1954.
Each record includes the dog's pedigree, health clearances at the time of the record and, in most cases, a photograph. The books also contain lists of BTCA Specialty winners and indexes of all the title holders.
Want to know which book a particular dog is in? Then visit our comprehensive index.

Available Breed books:breed books
Reprint of first 4 books (1954, 1958, 1962, 1971) Titles through 1971 (bound) - $24.00
Titles 1978 (bound) SOLD OUT - $13.50
Titles 1979 - 1982 (insert pages*) - $16.00
Titles 1983 - 1985 (insert pages*) - $20.00
Titles 1986 (insert pages*) - $10.8
Titles 1987 (insert pages*) - $13.60
Titles 1988 (bound) - $18.40
Titles 1989 (bound) - $18.40
Titles 1990 - 1991 (insert pages*) - $29.00 (LIMITED SUPPLY)
Titles 1992, 1993 and 1994 -- Three years of titles! (insert pages*) - $36.00
Titles 1995 - SOLD OUT
Titles 1996 (bound) - $25.00
Titles 1996 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 1997 (insert pages*) - $22.40
Titles 1998 (insert pages*) - $20.00
Titles 1999 (insert pages*) - $40.00 (LIMITED SUPPLY)
Titles 2000-2003 -- Four years! - NOW AVALABLE ON CD - $10.50
Titles 2004 (bound) - $27.00
Titles 2004 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2005 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2005 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2006 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2006 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2007 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2007 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2008 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2008 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2009 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2009 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2010 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2010 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2011 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2011 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2012 (bound) - $30.00
Titles 2012 (CD) - $10.50
Titles 2013 (bound) - $40.00 -
Titles 2013 (CD) - $10.50 -

*Needs binder. Binders are ONLY available with the purchase of unbound books or at the BT Store at the National Specialty.

The Illustrated Standard

Together with the Breed Books, this beautifully detailed publication has a place in every Border Terrier home - at only $10 it is a worthwhile investment.

Illustrated Standard

Border Terrier In Brief Booklet

The Border Terrier in Brief is a well written little booklet which details the charms and challenges of our beloved breed in a nutshell. Definitely required reading for potential owners.

The Border Terrier in Brief is the same information that appears on our web site under Research but in a handy, portable format - a perfect handout for potential owners or puppy buyers along with the BTCA Grooming Guide, and the BTCA Ethical Standard.

Border Terrier in Brief 1-4 copies $5.00 each;
Additional copies, postage included: BTCA members: $2.00 each, non-members: $3.00 each

The Border Terrier in Brief

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For other locations contact JoAnn Frier-Murza (digm2.vgf@gmail.com) for Shipping and Handling cost.

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