Terrar Award & Application

Created for Border Terriers who earn an AKC Earthdog Title at a National BTCA Specialty

Named for the first recorded mention of a terrier in literature ca 1576. An english translation, the “dogge called a terrar” is said to “creepe into the grounde, and by that means make afrayde, nyppe, and byte the fox and the badger in such sort, that either they teare in peeces with thayre teeth beyng in the bosome of the earth or else hayle and pull them perforce out of the their lurcking angles, dark dungeons and close caves, or at least through concealed feare, drive them out of their hollow harebours. Taken from Border Terrier by Frank Jackson and Ronald Irving, W.&G. Foyle Limited, London, published 1969 p.10

We encourage Border Terrier owners to participate in Earthdog events prior to BTCA Specialty and at BTCA Specialty. To that end donors have been confirmed towards offering Awards for earning Earthdog titles at the National Specialty. The Awards listed here are approved by the BTCA but not sponsored by or regulated by the BTCA. The donors have committed to three consecutive Specialties, beginning 2022, after which a donor may renew or a new set of donors will be recruited based on EE achievement.

The Awards will be presented at the Specialty ED site “on the day” for ONE title per entrant. The Awards are generously provided by the donors listed below. Candidates provide at application and bring with them to specialty, proof via an AKC downloaded/printed earthdog points progress report for their individual dog. In the event an earthdog test occurs within 30 days of specialty and the results are not available on the AKC website, a signed copy from the trial secretary of that test (report to be submitted to AKC) can be presented. In this way the correct number of qualifying runs leading to specialty will prove a Specialty Q would earn or finish a title. Verification will be made by the donors onsite and items will be awarded in a place and at a time that day as pleases the Specialty Earthdog Committee.

Awards and trophies/prizes offered at an AKC event must appear in the premium. For border terriers who earn their AKC Earthdog TITLE at Specialty the following Awards are offered:

Title Award Description
EE Marta Force honoring Bendywood & Bud’s Gold Leaf, FDC ME BCAT SWN ATT RATN AWTA-CG EE10 VX. A gold Touchstone pendant or tie pin, an EE title pin, an earthdog collar and leash, a Terrar logo t-shirt.
EE Marta Force honoring Bendywood & Bud’s Gold Leaf, FDC ME BCAT SWN ATT RATN AWTA-CG EE10 VX. A gold Touchstone pendant or tie pin, an EE title pin, an earthdog collar and leash, a Terrar logo t-shirt.
ME** Ann Kizer honoring Glenlair Wind In The Willows CD BN RAE FDC ME CAX SWA SCE SEE RATCHX6 CZ8P2B CGCA CGCU TKN VX EE17 Touchstone gold pendant or tie pin, a ME title pin, a collapsible field shovel with case and an earthdog tote bag
SE Carolyn Schneider and John Shelley honoring CH Caryon I’ll Have Another (Beyda) MACH2 MXS MJG OF ME CA EE5 and GCH CH Roschel Maybe I’m The One (Mable) AX AXJ ME EE4, a SE title pin, a portable dog water bottle, an embossed dog bow
JE Ken and Bette Nelson honoring CH No Autographs Please (Tiger) CDX RE AXJ AXP AJP NFP ME EE9 a JE title pin, a Stuffed Tiger dog toy, an embossed dog bowl.
NE “Anonymous” (EE5+) honoring all border terrier earthdogs, Terrar logo ballcap, travel dog food bowl.

EXCELLENT TITLES earned at the National Specialty can choose from:

#1 Laurits Dixon honoring Sunkist Sharriets O’Fyre VCD1 BN RE TDX FDC MX MXJ MXF T2B CAX DCAT RATCHX CZ8B CGCA CGCU TKP ME EE5, a visor embroidered with Terrar logo
#2 Jeri Hart honoring Meadowlake Elegance with Attitude ME EE5, a custom leather logo medallion suitable as luggage tag, key fob or ornament.

Terrar Award Application Deadline for 2022 has passed.

Note there is a provision in the Terrar Award Application document allowing for for legs earned between application date and the BTCA test.

Deadline to enter the 2022 BTCA National Specialty – Borders only Earthdog test is May 26.