Versatility Award & Application

Border Terriers are active and versatile dogs. They were bred to have the skills and drive to excel in the field, and are happiest when working closely with their owners. Modern day Borders and their owners use these skills to compete in the many dogs sports available today. To recognize and preserve these traits and to encourage owners to enjoy them, the BTCA offers the Versatility Awards, which reward participation in a variety of dog activities.

The Versatility Award is designed so that the average Border and owner, with some effort, can earn one. It asks for one title in three different fields, and a total of seven points. About thirty Borders earn a Versatility Award each year. Many go on to earn the Versatility Excellent Award, which requires twelve points, four fields including a working title, and considerable commitment from dog and owner. As a conformation title is not required, these awards are open to the pet as well as the champion and a number of pet Borders have Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards. It is not surprising that most dogs are five and six years old before they earn a Versatility Award. To apply for a Versatility Award, see the instructions on the application form in the Border Connection or on this website.

For more information, contact:

Leslie Sprando
Versatility Awards Coordinator
442 Eureka Church Road,
Statesboro, GA 30461-7671

I am applying for the *


Check all that apply:

Breed Conformation - AKC/CKC equivalent
Obedience/Rally - AKC/CKC equivalent
Agility: AKC or CKC, USDAA, NADAC equivalent
Tracking: AKC or CKC equivalent
Field: (Required for VX) 1 star required for category to count - AKC or CKC equivalent
Lure Coursing: AKC or CKC equivalent
Barn Hunt:
Scent Work: 2 stars required for category to count AKC, CKC, NACSW, or UKC Equivalent
AKC SWN Equivalent
AKC SWA Equivalent
AKC SWE Equivalent
Dock Diving:
Disc Dog:
Citizenship / Companion: AKC or CKC equivalent
Search & Rescue:

REQUIREMENTS: BTCA membership of owner or co-owner at the time of application is required. Versatility Award requires 7 stars (*) in a minimum of three of the categories listed on the following page. Versatility Excellent Award requires 12 or more stars (*) in a minimum of four of the categories listed on the following page including at least one field title. AKC or equivalent CKC titles accepted along with BTCA and AWTA field titles. Stars will count only once per level of difficulty.

Awards will be processed quarterly. Versatility Excellent and Versatility Awards will be digitally colorized. Submit a completed application form (See Section 3) with proof [1] of each title/accomplishment claimed to: Leslie Sprando, 442 Eureka Church Road, Statesboro, GA 30461-7671

[1] A copy of AKC/CKC/Summary of title progression(s), title certificate(s), registration certificate(s), etc. is required to verify titles/accomplishments claimed.

Questions: Email or 912-682-5229 Revised January 1, 2023

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