BTCA Rescue Resource

Border Terrier Welfare Rescue is all of us pulling together

North American Border Terrier Welfare, Inc., is the 501.c3 tax-exempt organization of volunteers who provide rescue services across the U.S. Canadian Border Terrier Welfare operates similarly but in Canada. In addition, some of the regional Border Terrier clubs, such as the Redwoods club, have a well-organized internal rescue program. Other regional clubs support NABTW volunteers in their areas. Additionally, a number of BT owners post their names with local animal welfare groups just in case a BT needs help, and others have been recruited to assist a nearby dog as the need arose.

Classical rescue is the process of identifying, obtaining, caring for or rehabilitating, and re-homing neutered or spayed, apparently purebred Border Terriers. Dogs come into rescue from animal welfare shelters, animal control pounds, off the streets, or are surrendered by their owners. They require foster care or rescue-paid boarding, complex services, and/or the local involvement of other breeds’ rescue volunteers. In the process, health, hygiene, and social needs of the dogs are identified and met while well-matched new adoptive homes are found. These are rescue dogs.

Rescue volunteers have also provided many hours of education to inquirers and assisted a number of owners in need of information about health, behavior, or training. These activities help to prevent the future need for rescue or re-homing.

If you are thinking of adopting a Border Terrier rescue dog and are new to the breed:

  • Study the items on this site in the Library
  • Meet some Border Terriers, if possible
  • Talk with a rescue representative

If you are interested in rescuing a BT or making a donation to a rescue, please visit one of the following organizations for more information: